The Blacklist - Princess Sonya - Guest Star - Michael Watkins, Director                                                 Rosewood - Alina - Eric Laneuville, Director
Law & Order SVU - Zoya - Alex Chapple, Director
Counterpart - Co-Star - Alex Sakharov, Director
Girls - Olatta - Jesse Peretz, Director
Orange Is The New Black - Co-Star - Tricia Brook, Director

REZETA (Netflix) - Lead/Rezeta - Fernando Frias, Director
My Life Is a Soundtrack - Supporting - Margarita Jimeno, Director
Vera - Supporting - Laurence Vannicelli, Director

Short Film
The Moor - Supporting - George Kyrtsis, Director - G.Mac Brown, Producer
En Uno Minuto - Supporting - Alonso Ruizpalacios, Director
The Last Clip - Supporting - Anders Urmacher, Director
A Very Big Mistake - Lead - Jeffrey Ward-Ramos & Natan Dotan, Director

Conflicts Available Upon Request

Special Skills
Fluent in: Albanian, English, and Spanish; Conversational Portuguese
Firearms, Motorcycles, Skydiving, Rollerblading
Diving Certification (PADI)

*Winner: Best Actress, 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival

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