Albanian by descent, Rezeta Veliu was born and raised in Pristina, Kosovo. At the age of 14 she moved to New York as a war refugee due to the war in Kosovo in 1999. One year later she moved to Texas where she got her first opportunity to start traveling as an international model in Asia. At the age of 16, Rezeta moved to Tokyo, where she spent four years working throughout Asia. Following several visits to Mexico for modeling jobs, Rezeta decided to move to Mexico City. Rezeta is fluent in Albanian, English and Spanish.

After eight years of modeling in print, runway and TV commercials, Rezeta began shooting a feature film named Rezeta. The film Rezeta has won numerous awards in film festivals around the world. It won the Jury award for best narrative feature at Slamdance in 2014.

Rezeta finished the two year conservatory at the William Esper Studio, where she's taught the Meisner Technique in NYC.Rezeta is currently residing in Los Angeles.

Rezeta recently booked a guest staring role on the NBC thriller television series The Blacklist, that will air on October 18th, 2017. She has also appeared in a numerous roles including Rosewood FOX, Counterpart,  Girls HBO and Law & Order SVU.

Rezeta is also an avid photographer of portraiture and still life.

rezeta polaroid.png